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im体育登录是一所现代化的初中和im体育登录, student-driven learning experience.

Reimagining adolescent education

Enthusiasm for school drops dramatically between fifth 而且 twelfth grade, with nearly 75% of students reporting negative feelings towards school.

Now more than ever, students are 累了, 强调, 无聊. 他们需要一个适合他们发展阶段的教育选择, tailored to their individual needs.

We believe there's a better way.

Reimagining adolescent education

A letter from Dr. 劳拉大杯,

Executive Director

欢迎来到im体育登录:我们很高兴你们来到这里! 我们相信ATI为初im体育登录学生提供了一个真正独特的教育机会. 浏览一下网站,提出问题,或者参观我们的im体育登录. This is education not as it has been, but as it can be: something designed specifically for adolescents, something designed for life.

Adolescence is a period of intense physical 而且 emotional growth. 你正在从童年过渡到成年——从依赖你的父母, 家庭, teachers to a space where you decide 你的 own path. What an incredible journey! 这是一个多么激动人心的过程,有时令人不知所措,可能充满忧虑,但不可避免地意义深远. 无论你在哪里度过这些年,你都会在另一边出现,发生巨大的变化.

在许多方面, 传统im体育登录与这一变革时期的需求是不一致的:你被迫遵守一个从本质上讲不是的体系 你的 作为一个成长、变化、奋斗的个体的需求——而是系统本身的需求. 另类im体育登录通常允许你自由选择自己的追求, skipping from project to project, 但如果没有对知识的深度关注,那将完全释放你大脑的潜力. 替代方案是:从应用中抽象出知识的刚性结构, or free 结构 where applications are abstracted from knowledge.

The Academy of Thought 而且 Industry is the third option. Here, we pursue the union of 认为 而且 行业的, . 我们的学生不仅仅是记忆,他们通过整合和应用每一步来理解. Each concept is placed into the world. Each lesson is 动机 通过对现实世界问题的探索来捕捉想象力和激发好奇心. 从数学中引入数轴,到苏格拉底对文科中美好生活本质的讨论, here we find no conflict between the intellectual 和 practical. And this continues as you mature 而且 evolve through our program. 到了im体育登录,你有机会掌握、应用和扩展你自己的知识. Our students take film-making classes in order to actually make movies. 他们学习经济学课程是因为他们要开始自己的事业,或者更抽象的经济学是因为他们想要了解构成他们准备参与的人类世界的理论.

One of our middle school classes in New York is running a thriving compost business; a high school student in Texas has a professional photography studio with international clients. 我们的学生在政府、商业、医疗保健和艺术领域实习. As a student at ATI , you make sense of 而且 shape 你的 world. 青春期是属于自己的时期:不仅属于当地社区,而且属于伟大的人类事业.

You might be asking: who are these incredible teenagers?

Who are these people who fall in love with knowledge, engage in intense debates on literature, seek out opportunities for adventure, work together to create campus communities of mutual respect, 订婚, possibility?

In some ways, our students are extraordinary. 在其他方面, 他们是所有人中最自然、最健康的人:他们的不同寻常之处在于,他们完美地实现了自己的潜能, universally ordinary. 你不需要成为一名优秀的学生,就能从一所适应你需求的im体育登录中受益, 你不需要为了在这里茁壮成长而在传统的学习中挣扎.

Maria Montessori wrote, “The chief symptom of adolescence is a state of expectation, 有创造性工作的倾向,需要增强自信.”

你正处于支持和独立并重的人生阶段, 两者的缺失都具有同样的破坏性:生存能力并不是繁荣的保证. 在ATI, you get to explore this period of transition into adulthood with graduated agency: each step you take here will open up greater choices, greater possibilities, greater independence. But you will always have behind you the support, 结构, care of 你的 coach, 你的指导, 你的 ATI community. Here, you can fully explore 你的 own rapidly exp而且ing self.

We can’t wait to meet you.

Dr. 劳拉大杯, MD MHPE

When I was at my college prep school, 我没有自由去从事那些不被认为是核心学术课题的项目. But when I got to ATI, not only did I have the freedom to follow my interests, I also had the encouragement I needed from my teachers.

JP Barbagelata

ATI graduate, now studying Film 而且 Photography at Bard College NY

Our program pillars

Curriculum rooted in 认为 而且 行业

蒙特梭利强调青少年应该做真正的工作:不只是在im体育登录,而是完全融入这个世界. 在ATI, we remove the artificial barrier between the vocational 和 avocational; what's required for class 而且 what's chosen for life. 我们的学生将他们的热情与学习结合起来,释放他们的潜能:

  • Do real work in the world
  • Serve as a productive member of a community
  • Realize the natural desire for independence


每个学生都有一个1:1的教练,因为他们通过初中和im体育登录. 教练课程是由教育专家和心理学家建立的, 支持自我创造的过程,这是青少年最基本的. The coaching process emphasizes:

  • 自我价值
  • Self-efficacy
  • 贯穿


In a small school community, students learn 而且 practice self-governance, interdependence, conflict resolution, gaining a sense of ownership 而且 pride for the community around them. And each school is a part of the larger network, with access to expert guides 而且 a larger peer community.

  • The benefits of a small school
  • The resources of a global network


ATI的使命是帮助我们的学生发挥他们的潜力,过他们最完整的生活, empowering them through an education grounded in our core values. 这些价值观代表了我们对繁荣学生发展的愿景——这意味着一个青少年发挥自己的潜力,过完整的生活.

We pursue knowledge not as an academic exercise, but to improve our judgment 而且 actions in the world.

The Pursuit of Knowledge

We believe that human beings, using their reason, judgment 而且 passion, are capable of leading self-directed lives of profound meaning 而且 worth. We seek to always acknowledge 而且 respect our own power to act, to develop 而且 exercise our capacity to act with purpose, integrity 而且 conviction in pursuit of our aspirations.

The power of agency

Purposeful work is central to a life well lived. In choosing our work, we direct our energies intentionally toward our goals, bring 结构 而且 focus to our lives, reshape our worlds. Through cultivating our capacity for work, as well as our appreciation of the rewards of work well done, we develop a character capable of genuine effort 而且 great achievement

The love of work

We recognize the value of deep, honest relationships, 我们为他人提供真实的自我,使这种关系成为可能. 我们通过选择分享规范、实践和期望,使彼此更加活跃和丰富. 这样做, 我们体验到归属感的喜悦,并对我们所拥抱的社区发展出一种深刻而持久的爱和责任感.

The joy of community

要完全融入这个世界需要巨大的脆弱和道德勇气. In order to become our best selves, 我们勇敢地面对我们的不安全感,并有勇气深深地关心我们的价值观. 我们拥抱作为人类标志的永恒的个人成长过程, that allows us to live wholeheartedly.

The courage to live wholehearted

Experience school on 你的 terms

Join a school community designed to support 你的 education with coaching, small classes, a commitment to our core values. Engage in deep study 而且 personal exploration as a student at ATI.

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